Paintless Dent Removal

Dimples Are Cute on Children, Not on Cars

With A-1 Dent Company's services, no one would ever know a dent was there.

The highlight of our services is paintless dent removal. If your vehicle has one or multiple dents ranging from the size of a dime to a football, paintless dent removal is your solution. This process essentially involves "massaging" the dent from the backside out and can effectively remove any trace of a dent or ding. Aside from restoring the appearance of your car, dent removal can also considerably add to the resale value. Call A-1 Dent Company today to see how our paintless dent removal services can have your vehicle looking like new.

Not all dents can be removed with paintless dent removal.

When considering dent repair, examine your dent to determine if your vehicle's damage can be resolved with paintless dent repair. Some possibilities that may prohibit your vehicle from paintless dent repair are:

  • Dents that are smaller than a dime or larger than a football
  • The paint or metal has been kinked or stretched too far
  • The edge of the panel is bent
  • The paint has been scratched

If you have minor dents in your vehicle due to hail damage, a minor accident or a rogue baseball, or if you have a damaged windshield, call A-1 Dent Company for a free estimate. You can come to us or we will gladly come to you to handle all of your minor dent repairs in Lubbock, TX. 806-762-1354